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Current Weather and Forecasts:

National Weather Service forecast offices
NWS Graphical Forecast Map
MesoWest Data
24-hour Summaries
CoCoRaHS Precipitation reporting network
EPA Air Quality
Interactive Weather Information Network
Hydrometeorological Prediction Center
Long-Range Forecasts

Road Conditions:

Department of Transportation - Clickable U.S. Map and Canada Map
Index of DOT Traffic/Highway Cameras in the US

Current Weather Graphics:

Unisys Satellite Images
High-Resolution Visible Satellite Images
GOES Satellite Images
United States satellite images
Global Infrared Satellite Image
Global Satellite and Temperature
Western US Images
Indian Ocean and Other Satellite Images

Radar and Rainfall
National Radar and US Radar Locations
High-Resolution Radar Images
HYPERLINK ""Weather Channel Radar Composite
Weather Channel 24-hr Radar-Estimated Precipitation Map
Weather Channel One-Week Radar-Estimated Precipitation Map
National Weather Service River Forecast Centers

Surface Maps
National Weather Service Surface Maps
Weather Channel Current Surface Map
Unisys Satellite Surface Map and Close-up version
Surface maps of current temperature, dewpoint, pressure, etc.
Other Surface Maps
Difax Maps

Upper-Air and Skew-T Plots
RAP/UCAR Upper Air Data
Radiosonde Data
MAPS Sounding Plots
US Surface and Upper-Air Maps
Satellite-derived sounding data
Surface and Upper-Air Maps

Severe Weather:

Storm Prediction Center
Archive of Severe Weather Reports
NWS Current Watches, Warnings, and Advisories
National Severe Storms Laboratory
More US lightning maps
Climate Prediction Center Hazards Assessment

Skiing and Avalanche Conditions:
Avalanche Center
Utah Avalanche Conditions
Colorado Avalanche Conditions

Aviation Weather:

Quick METAR Access
National Weather Service Aviation Weather
Aviation Digital Data Service Aviation Weather
Weather for Pilots

Marine and Ocean Weather:

Guide to coastal water temperatures for the U.S.
National Data Buoy Center
National Weather Service Clickable Map
National Weather Service Marine Radiofax Charts Marine Weather
Oceanic Satellite and Other Images
Current Global Sea-Surface Temperature
National Hurricane Center

Weather and Highway Cameras:

Weather Cameras in the U.S.
Index of DOT Highway/Traffic Cameras in the US
Links to Highway/Traffic Cameras in Major US and International Cities
Utah Weather Cameras

Weather Forecast Models:

RAP/UCAR Model Page
Forecast Model Loops Page
NCEP Model Forecasts
Ensemble Forecasts
University of Utah
Penn State University Model Page
ECMWF (European model)
RUC forecast soundings
Forecast Soundings

Climate Data:

Climate Diagnostics Center
NCDC Geodata Portal
State Climatology Sites
NOAA Precipitation Data Access
Climate "hardiness" zones and Larger US map of climate zones
Lawn and garden climate zones
National Climatic Data Center
Annual precipitation maps for the U.S.
US Climate at a Glance
MesoWest Data
Guide to coastal water temperatures for the U.S.
Snow Depth and Analysis for the U.S.
El Nino Information Page
Climate Change
Astronomical Data

Western Regional Climate Center
High Plains Regional Climate Center
Midwest Regional Climate Center
Northeast Regional Climate Center
Southern Regional Climate Center
Southeast Regional Climate Center

Mountain Snowpack and Precipitation/Hydrology Data:

Natural Water and Climate Center Main Page
Color-Coded Snow Water Percentage Map
SNOTEL Maps and Graphs
Current and Past SNOTEL Basin Reports
Links to Individual State Snow Surveys
National Weather Service River Forecast Centers

Archived Data:

GOES Satellite Archive
Archive of Satellite Data, etc
NCDC Radar Archive
NCAR/RAP Radar Archive
High-Resolution Radar Images
SPC Upper Air Maps
NCDC Global Map Archive
Archive of Severe Weather Reports
U of Wyoming Sounding Archive

FSL Sounding Archive
NCDC Radiosonde Data Access
Archived METAR Data back to 1998
Archived cooperative observer monthly report forms
SNOTEL Basin Reports
Historical Climate Data in the Western US
Current and Historical Streamflow Data
NOAA Precipitation Data Access

Weather Instruments and Equipment:
Campbell Scientific
Davis Instruments
Scientific Sales
Wind and Weather
Aces Electronics
Global Scientific Supply

Links to Astronomical Information:

Astronomical Data
Sun and moon altitude/azimuth table
National Aeronautics and Space Admininstration
Space Weather
Space Science and Weather


NWS Glossary of Weather Terms and Abbreviations
Time Zones of the World
Temperature/Dewpoint/Relative Humidity Calculator
Drought Monitor
Fire Weather
Current and Historical Streamflow Data
National Weather Service Main Page
National Hurricane Center
National Water and Climate Center
National Centers for Environmental Prediction
RAP/UCAR Weather Page
Hydrometeorological Prediction Center

Other Sites Containing Weather Links:

U of Utah Weather Links



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